About Us

About Sikkim birding tours

We are a team of dedicated Bird Guides providing bird-watching, birding, and bird photography tours, across the Himalayas. We focus on the Eastern Himalayan region of Sikkim, Bhutan, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh. We offer package tours to people who want to watch, photograph and explore birds and wildlife of the Himalayas in their natural habitat. We have been working as bird guides for more than a decade. Over the years, based on our experiences, we have designed optimal tour packages to ensure comfortable travel and rich outcomes for birders, bird photographers, wildlife photographers, and nature photographers alike.

Why Sikkim Birding Tours?

  • We at Sikkim Birding Tours have knowledgeable, experienced, and disciplined bird guides who have been guiding birding tours for more than a decade and have developed outstanding on-ground experience.
  • We always practice ethical birding with minimal impact on birds: our motto is “Bird’s interest first and then Birding.”
  • We at Sikkim Birding Tours prioritize our clients first. We are strict with showing birds, or other forms of wildlife, first to our clients, and then pursuing our interests like research.
  • We at Sikkim Birding Tours benefit from the experience of larger agencies like All India Birding Tours (Peter Lobo).
  • We use local guides in addition to our guides, to maximize the chances of sighting and photography.
  • We prefer small groups of a maximum of 8 clients to ensure maximum sightings and minimum disturbance.
  • We work with local communities and contribute to the local economy of the region.
  • We are flexible with our tour programs.

Why are the prices higher than those of many other birding agencies?

  • At Sikkim Birding Tours we have only selected, experienced, knowledgeable and disciplined guides.
  • We at Sikkim Birding Tours use well-known, tried-and-tested, birder-friendly and often premium hotels, homestays, and drivers.
  • At Sikkim Birding Tours, we work with sincerity in the field and strictly follow early morning timings to maximize sightings naturally.

Who do we cater to?

We cater to all kinds of people who are interested in birds, wildlife, and nature. We cater to all types of visitors: from non-birders, first timers, and amateurs, to keen birders. Our guides are friendly and always happy to share their knowledge with clients.

What are the chances of bird photography in our tours?

The chances for bird photography are good with the assistance of our trained guides but we strictly follow ethical birding practices and we always discuss and sort out our client’s preferences.